Monday, August 15, 2011

The Week of all Weeks

This week promises to be a big week.  Not for one of us but all of us.  The thing is this week is very exciting and very scary to me all at the same time.

I start my teaching position this week, which I am very excited about and scared at the same time.

The Girl starts Preschool this week.  The fact that my second child starts school this week just blows my mind.  My Itty Bitty is growing up, I hope she still makes some coffee for the coffee parties we have some time.

The Boy goes back to school and there are some changes in store, but details will have to wait.

My AGW has exciting stuff going on as well which will also have to wait for now.

My mind is literally racing with excitement and lots of nervousness.  As with our family as always we may not have anything exciting going on for a long time and then "BAM" all in one short period we whoop it up.  Now I just need the strength and peace of mind to get through this week.  I will be a tired Daddy this week as I already have trouble sleeping, this certainly is not going to help.

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