Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cross Country Practice

Last year when we started Cross Country in Kindergarten, I tried a mix of running and playing games for all the young kids (K - 1st Grade).  We did a little more running than game playing and I had some feedback from some that games help more because they do more running when they play games than trying to get them to run intervals or some distance.  I readily agreed.

One of the biggest advice givers was the Boy every practice he would ask if we could play games.  He was one that would rather run playing a game.  This year however he has taken a little bit of different stance.  He still wants to play games but claimed they didn't do enough running the first practice.  I was happy that he wanted to run more as he is getting competitive and wants to do better this year but at the same vain I was a little frustrated as I spent time trying to find good running games and ideas to entertain the K-1st graders more.

Although all was forgotten very quickly as we had our first popsicle day.  Just wait until Bomb Pop Day, well to the kids it is just a colorful popsicle but the Adults usually are more excited and hope there are plenty extra.

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