Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The First Day of School

Recently over a couple  of days we had our first day of school.

The Boy started a day earlier than the Girl and me.  The Monday before school started we met with his teacher and it was decided that he should skip the 1st grade.  This wasn't so much an issue for him as us.  On the way to school on the first day the Boy says, "If I know all the 2nd grade math problems will they move me into the third grade?"  We laughed and appreciated his great attitude but convinced him to at least start one grade and see how we are doing. We were worried about him but thus far he is doing fine.

The Girl and I had our first days the next day.  The Girl started preschool and was very excited.  She really likes school just like her brother which is nice.  The teacher at the end of the day said to me, "She had a great day. She is a pistol isn't she?"  I just laughed as I am sure the Girl will soon be running the preschool.  She did throw a book at someone although I think it was an accident.

My first day was great, except for the beginning.  I was trying to ease into the first day and be a little early so I wouldn't have a lot to worry about.  Well I misplaced my car keys which also has my school keys and then it was a sheer 7 minutes of panic.  My AGW found them sitting right on the stool where I was helping my son with his shoes.  Deep breath and on to getting to school.  Right as we pull in the parking lot and get out of the car my insulin pump makes a funny beep - "LOW BATTERY"!  UGH!  That is one of two messages I don't want to see right before starting my first day.  Fortunately my AGW was bringing the Girl into school that morning for her first day so she was able to save me and bring a new battery with her.  Then nearing the end of my first class the school Director says "When you have a moment please come to my office I need to talk to you."  It has only been one class and I can't imagine what is going on now, maybe my first class was my last class.  All he wanted to do was discuss making sure certain doors were locked.  After that it was smooth sailing but those first couple of hours of my first day were tough and at that point I just wanted to nap as I was worn out.   

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