Friday, September 2, 2011

The Big Leap

The Boy has skipped the First Grade and went on two Second Grade.  We have been excited and nervous as all can be.  He is doing very well so far although he is still getting used to the new procedures.  The biggest issue is that in 2nd grade their is more desk sitting which for him is sometimes difficult.  The hard part is that I work in the same school so I don't want to be the super helicopter parent.  So far I think I have achieved a good balance but I want to make sure he is adjusting well.  The Boy probably thinks that I should get out of the way.

It has been two weeks since I started teaching at the Boy's school (which is also the Girl's school) and even though I am tired on those days and the class schedule is a little crazy, it has been a great experience so far.  We are almost done with the President's Challenge and will be moving on to golf, soap bubbles, shot put, discus, Fire and Ice Tag, Bowling in the winter, floor hockey, etc. I can't wait.  Sometimes the repetition can be bad but to play some childhood favorites over and over all day is fantastic.  So far I think the 8th graders favorite has been Freeze Tag, they have also enjoyed Sharks and Minnows.  Anyways it has been a blast and can't wait to see if I have any Presidential Fitness Award winners.

The Girl has started school and loves it.  She also has been loving annoying the crap out of her brother.

It is now Friday, we had an assembly mid-day which stirs up the kids, a Friday 3:00 meeting before a holiday weekend, so it is time for a martini.

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