Monday, November 30, 2009


We decided to have have our own thanksgiving dinner the weekend after Thanksgiving, well because turkey once a year is not enough so lets be sure to do it twice in four days. Plus it gave me a great excuse to buy a nice roasting pan, especially since Black Friday provided a great after Thanksgiving prices to get a great deal. Well here are a few pictures from our little "Thanksgiving Feast"© (at least copyrighted by the Boy as to him it is a feast even thought he really doesn't eat much more than the corn , rolls and green jello salad. Of course the Girl ate anything we put in front of her. Here are a couple of pictures:

Halloween Pictures

I hadn't downloaded the pictures off the camera in a while, so here are the Boy and the Girl in their Halloween costumes, I sure one costume will look similar to one you may have seen one or two previous times:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a couple of plain updates

At hockey recently my son did something that surprised me, he left his group to go to one of the other (slightly more) advanced groups. He did it merely for the fact he wanted to play with pucks, I was worried, but he did alright in the situation, but as soon as he saw his group with pucks he went back. I was surprised because he is usually will stay with the status quo. I asked him later and he said it looked like more fun. Hockey is still consuming him as I set up a little net for him to play in the basement, which he absolutely loved. And if you ask him what position he wants to play he most often says, "Defenseman" (or "Defencemen" for my Canadian readers).

The girl has started a new fascination, opening a drawer and trying to put her foot in and climb up onto the table or into the drawer. I have to figure what she is trying to do as she can't quite pull herself up so her leg mostly gets stuck in the drawer. She is starting to use a few more words, but she still remains quite expressive. Everyone says the Boy will eat us out of house and home, but the fact is she is the one that eats anything and everything, even Bobby's Goulash.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Preschool and Colds

Anyone that has kids in school can probably relate. The past few weeks have been long as my the Boy brought a cold from preschool that he has passed on to his sister and myself. The kids are doing much better and seem to be recovering. I, on the other hand thought I was recovering and then got hit with a little case of bronchitis. The worst part is it seems to worse at night when I am trying to sleep. Hopefully the antibiotics I am on start to do a better job so I can get more sleep and hence get better.

The Boy and his drawing have really improved. He is drawing more than scribbles these days. Things that are distinguishable are trains, apples, flowers, houses. He seems to be really taken by art and sports lately as he has really taken a strong liking to Hockey, as he asked the other day, "What would happen if I stayed at the ice rink all the time?"

The Girl has decided to try and start using words as opposed to her pointing and grunting. It is making things a bit easier and a little more fun, although with the words she uses there is usually a demand involved, like "Cracker!" or "Juice!" or her new favorite "Ball!" The other thing I want to know is why must she want to do the things that are the most annoying to adults. For example there is an extra dining chair in the corner that she insists on sitting on. the annoying part is she needs help to get on it and soon as she is up there for five seconds she gets down and wants up again. Also, she can climb up on the rest of the furniture so I don't get the big deal with the chair. I have thought of removing the annoying objects in the room, but it becomes an issue of where to put them as there really is no other place for them at the moment.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

That Looks Like A Lot Of Work.

The Boy is really taking to drawing pictures these days. Not just scribbles anymore, but pictures with houses, cars, trains, hearts, etc. He also likes to draw race tracks. Well I was talking on the phone with my dad the other day and as I was walking around talking to him I noticed on a Sauder filing cabinet the Boy had drawn racetracks all over it with pencil. We were not happy about it, brought him into the room and talked to him about it. He then knew it was wrong. My wife then found a pencil and started erasing it, this was obviously taking a while and then the Boy walks by and says, "That looks like a lot of work." It was not a nice comment by him but we had a hard time not laughing at it.