Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a couple of plain updates

At hockey recently my son did something that surprised me, he left his group to go to one of the other (slightly more) advanced groups. He did it merely for the fact he wanted to play with pucks, I was worried, but he did alright in the situation, but as soon as he saw his group with pucks he went back. I was surprised because he is usually will stay with the status quo. I asked him later and he said it looked like more fun. Hockey is still consuming him as I set up a little net for him to play in the basement, which he absolutely loved. And if you ask him what position he wants to play he most often says, "Defenseman" (or "Defencemen" for my Canadian readers).

The girl has started a new fascination, opening a drawer and trying to put her foot in and climb up onto the table or into the drawer. I have to figure what she is trying to do as she can't quite pull herself up so her leg mostly gets stuck in the drawer. She is starting to use a few more words, but she still remains quite expressive. Everyone says the Boy will eat us out of house and home, but the fact is she is the one that eats anything and everything, even Bobby's Goulash.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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