Thursday, November 12, 2009

Preschool and Colds

Anyone that has kids in school can probably relate. The past few weeks have been long as my the Boy brought a cold from preschool that he has passed on to his sister and myself. The kids are doing much better and seem to be recovering. I, on the other hand thought I was recovering and then got hit with a little case of bronchitis. The worst part is it seems to worse at night when I am trying to sleep. Hopefully the antibiotics I am on start to do a better job so I can get more sleep and hence get better.

The Boy and his drawing have really improved. He is drawing more than scribbles these days. Things that are distinguishable are trains, apples, flowers, houses. He seems to be really taken by art and sports lately as he has really taken a strong liking to Hockey, as he asked the other day, "What would happen if I stayed at the ice rink all the time?"

The Girl has decided to try and start using words as opposed to her pointing and grunting. It is making things a bit easier and a little more fun, although with the words she uses there is usually a demand involved, like "Cracker!" or "Juice!" or her new favorite "Ball!" The other thing I want to know is why must she want to do the things that are the most annoying to adults. For example there is an extra dining chair in the corner that she insists on sitting on. the annoying part is she needs help to get on it and soon as she is up there for five seconds she gets down and wants up again. Also, she can climb up on the rest of the furniture so I don't get the big deal with the chair. I have thought of removing the annoying objects in the room, but it becomes an issue of where to put them as there really is no other place for them at the moment.

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