Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Little Barkeep

I have found I have a little barkeep in my house.  The Boy enjoys stocking my mini fridge with pop we purchase.  This is a awesome due to the fact that we don't always get the pop into the fridge. He was even a little upset that he didn't see the Sierra Mist until after he fully loaded up the fridge.

The other great thing is when we want something to drink he is more than happy to run downstairs to bring it to us. Now if I can just teach him to make a martini.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Master Manipulator

The Girl is quite the manipulator these days.  We have a great group of babysitters but now two of them have been fooled by the Girl.

The Girl has a nightlight in her room.  The first instance of tricking the babysitter she told her that she was afraid of the dark and had to leave a light on.  Not knowing the babysitter left her table lamp on which is pretty bright.  We had a good laugh about this one, because I don't know if I could sleep with that kind of light in my room.

Just recently another babysitter fell victim to the Girl which could have been disastrous.  She convinced the babysitter to move her nightlight which is conveniently placed behind her dresser.  The disaster part could have been that if the light bulb would have blown, it would have been a long night.

I will have to start inquiring more to see what else she gets the babysitters to do.

Friday, March 16, 2012


After some practice before riding the unicycle in classes, I did in my opinion very well for the little practice I had.  My best ride was over 20 feet.  I was doing great and got a little excited and promptly fell off the unicycle.

The kids loved it and got many compliments from parents.  I love working with the kids and I would do many things for them.  About mid-week I noticed that my inner thighs were very sore.  I had two bruises that were about the size of baseballs on each thigh.  In the end though I learned to ride a unicycle with limited practice and it was a fun experience for all.

The circus theme continued later in the week as we were juggling scarves to learn how to juggle.  I started to figure out how to juggle balls which I am excited about.  I need to practice more but soon I know I will have a circus career to fall back on, at least if I can get over the claustrophobia of being stuffed in a tiny car with 39 other clowns.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Cookie Habit

Ahhhh.. Late Winter, always one thing to look forward to "Girl Scout Cookies!"  With my new job in a school and the number of girl scouts in school I expected to be eating a large amount of cookies.  Not the case, only three asked me and my intention was to buy one from every girl scout that asked.

The difficult part of all this is I am stress eater, when I am stressed I like indulge in different junk foods and Girl Scout Cookies are number one on that list because they are not readily available all year round.  Except for today with all going on in my world I have been devouring a box of Tagalongs a day. So you figure three days and I am done, well fortunate the girl scouts sell longer than just cookie order time (they must get us hooked) and one scout is benefit from my stress.

The question is do the Girl Scouts have a code of ethics that relate to the stress eater in me?  Do they realize their delicious little cookies are a serious addiction?  IF word gets out about my cookie habit I feel that next year in school I will have at least one box of cookies for every day of the year.