Friday, March 9, 2012

Cookie Habit

Ahhhh.. Late Winter, always one thing to look forward to "Girl Scout Cookies!"  With my new job in a school and the number of girl scouts in school I expected to be eating a large amount of cookies.  Not the case, only three asked me and my intention was to buy one from every girl scout that asked.

The difficult part of all this is I am stress eater, when I am stressed I like indulge in different junk foods and Girl Scout Cookies are number one on that list because they are not readily available all year round.  Except for today with all going on in my world I have been devouring a box of Tagalongs a day. So you figure three days and I am done, well fortunate the girl scouts sell longer than just cookie order time (they must get us hooked) and one scout is benefit from my stress.

The question is do the Girl Scouts have a code of ethics that relate to the stress eater in me?  Do they realize their delicious little cookies are a serious addiction?  IF word gets out about my cookie habit I feel that next year in school I will have at least one box of cookies for every day of the year.

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