Friday, March 16, 2012


After some practice before riding the unicycle in classes, I did in my opinion very well for the little practice I had.  My best ride was over 20 feet.  I was doing great and got a little excited and promptly fell off the unicycle.

The kids loved it and got many compliments from parents.  I love working with the kids and I would do many things for them.  About mid-week I noticed that my inner thighs were very sore.  I had two bruises that were about the size of baseballs on each thigh.  In the end though I learned to ride a unicycle with limited practice and it was a fun experience for all.

The circus theme continued later in the week as we were juggling scarves to learn how to juggle.  I started to figure out how to juggle balls which I am excited about.  I need to practice more but soon I know I will have a circus career to fall back on, at least if I can get over the claustrophobia of being stuffed in a tiny car with 39 other clowns.

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