Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy and Fun Weekend

We had a very busy weekend now that we are all healthy. Friday the Boy, Girl and I went over to a friends house to play, we all had a good time and I think this is one of the few times my son didn't throw a tantrum when leaving, although he did say on the way home he wanted to stay there forever. I don't know how their parents would feel since they already have three boys, I mean what is one more.

The big day was Saturday. It was special trip day. It was a surprise. Well he figured out what we were doing as soon as we hit the on ramp of the expressway. We were going to see Thomas the Train. Although the train shirt he was wearing and Thomas DVD he was watching in the car might have been big hints. As usual we didn't quite leave on time so when we got there it was a quick walk to get to the station where Thomas was at for our ride time. Everything was going quite smoothly until the usual disaster hit, the Boy as he does on many occasions tripped and fell, he skinned his knee with a small cut so it was bleeding right as we are going to wait in line for our ride time on Thomas. So my wife is holding the Girl and I am trying to clean up his knee and spray some Neo To Go on his knee and it was just a scream fest. Once I got the bleeding stopped and sprayed it we just let it go and he was fine. (I said usual because this tripping has happened before at things we go to do and some how he ends up hurting himself.) The train ride was great and it was off to lunch which went rather smoothly except when the Girl was trying to snatch a Boy Scout's chicken nugget at the next table, it was actually quite funny. The we went to do some of the activities when both kids started on that slow downhill slope of a meltdown. We lasted as long as we could and went home. Unfortunately I still am yet to get a picture of the Boy standing with Thomas as he seems to have a fear of getting his picturte taken with imaginary things/people like Santa, because usually he hams it up pretty good and likes to have his picture taken. Then to top off Saturday, I got my new grill and my wife and I got to go out for the evening and enjoy the nice weather.

Then Sunday was yard work day and getting caught up in my garden. We also bought a swing for the Girl as you can see in the picture on the left and she loved it. I also got use my grill and after the first test it did pretty well. So I think it will be a few days before we recover from such a busy, crazy but fantastic weekend.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break and Sick Again

Spring break time and it has been alright, a little crazy and making me wonder what the summer is going to be like. The Girl is much better, and is tearing into food at an alarming rate, must be a growth spurt. The Boy has caught a cold that will probably run through the family again after it seems like we all just got healthy again. Although for a kid, I must say I am impressed with the Boy as he is dying to go to school and Spring break is killing him. He asks every day and usually more than once. Beyond that we have been moving more stuff out of the Living Room which the Girl is now overtaking as we were happy to have some adult space back just a short while ago. The Boy got a Big Wheel for Easter and loves it, calls it a "Low Rider" sometimes but he would ride it everywhere, probably even to school. My favorite part is when the wheel slips when he pedals, it sure brings back the good old days. And I think we have finally made a kitchen floor decision and now that I am healthy again for the moment I will hopefully have the kitchen done soon.

Yes the above seems random with no real flow but I just was given a n update and typed as it pooped in my head. Two kids that are into everything home together does that to you.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Power of The Cookie

Kids love cookies and treats there is no way around it. I love the power a cookie holds. It could be the denial of it which cause great disaster or the rewarding high from doing something and getting that delicious cookie. I haven't done much cooking with being sick last month (doing better by the way), my son asked me to make some cookies because as he sadi "I have never had any." Granted when you are four and you Daddy doesn't make cookies for a while it seems like never in his short life thus far. If you wondering on the cookies it is one of my all-time favorites, chocolate chip. I have worked a lot of recipes to get the texture and flavor I like - a little bit of cranch with a thick cookie with soft middle with chocolate and white chocolate chips. So now for getting him to finish meals or do cerain things he can earn that cookie reward which to him is the greatest thing as he says, "Daddy, you make the best cookies in the whole world."