Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break and Sick Again

Spring break time and it has been alright, a little crazy and making me wonder what the summer is going to be like. The Girl is much better, and is tearing into food at an alarming rate, must be a growth spurt. The Boy has caught a cold that will probably run through the family again after it seems like we all just got healthy again. Although for a kid, I must say I am impressed with the Boy as he is dying to go to school and Spring break is killing him. He asks every day and usually more than once. Beyond that we have been moving more stuff out of the Living Room which the Girl is now overtaking as we were happy to have some adult space back just a short while ago. The Boy got a Big Wheel for Easter and loves it, calls it a "Low Rider" sometimes but he would ride it everywhere, probably even to school. My favorite part is when the wheel slips when he pedals, it sure brings back the good old days. And I think we have finally made a kitchen floor decision and now that I am healthy again for the moment I will hopefully have the kitchen done soon.

Yes the above seems random with no real flow but I just was given a n update and typed as it pooped in my head. Two kids that are into everything home together does that to you.

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