Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation Mud Slinging

My AGW and I  took the kids on vacation this past week.  She made an acute observation: The kids are always on vacation so how is this different?

We headed to one of our favorite places as it is family friendly, affordable and not too far from home.  The kids love the beach and so do we with one small difference.  The kids want to play, play, play, while we want to sit and relax.  Guess who wins.

So at the beach we dig a hole that the lake fills with water as a hole is more entertaining than the lake.  We build sand castles that the Girl destroys within one minute of finishing.  We then play in the water and jump over waves.  We have kites to fly, snacks to eat and burying people in the sand to do.

With all that there is one thing the Boy would do non-stop that I just can't grasp, throw mud, sand or anything everywhere.  We must have asked him to stop 1,000 times but it didn't matter.  I think his brain was locked on "MUST THROW MUD!"  I tried to divert him but it didn't matter, as soon as the diversion was over he would go right back to throwing mud.  His throwing mud and sand can only lead to one thing, the Girl wanting to be like big brother and tossing around a little mud and sand herself.

With everything else to do what is so fascinating about throwing mud at the beach?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Good Children

Often I whine and complain here about my children driving me insane.  I really think somewhere they get paid to do that (BUSIA).  Yesterday we decided to go out for dinner, their usual choices are McDonalds, Wendys or Sonic.  All are good and a hidden pleasure of bad food but sometimes we try to go to other places.  We go to a sports bar/restaurant that is close by because we like it, the kids enjoy it and they can be loud and no one cares.

Usually there is some kind of kid disaster but this one evening it was a pleasant dinner.  No parental yelling, no kid screaming and everyone enjoying their food.  It was so nice in fact we had to get some ice cream afterwards, which I would think was pushing our luck to some kind of meltdown but to my surprise the kids did great and were good once again.  The Boy has great taste in picking ice cream - Birthday Cake was his selection and it was fantastic.  From now on I am having what he is having when it comes to ice cream.  The Girl did well too and had Superman ice cream, and my Iditarod  Peanut Butter fell short comparably.

Then after a good outing we headed home and jumped in the pool, easiest way to clean up after two kids and ice cream.  The toughest part of the evening was getting the Girl (Waterbug) out of the pool and getting her to go to bed.

I will take my one nice meal out and savor it as who knows when that may ever happen again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Must Annoy The Boy

I believe this to be the Girl's mission right now.  Every chance she gets she does something to annoy the Boy.  She must touch his stuff, take something and run or hit him with a frying pan.

They have a play area in the basement that has many toys for both of them.  The Girl has a a little kitchen and we also have some small metal cookware from IKEA I believe.   One of their favorite parts of the movie "Tangled" is when Flynn Rider gets clocked in the head with the frying pan, so a big "Thank You!" to Disney.  Yesterday she decided to emulate Rapunzel and clock the boy in the head with the metal frying pan.  He comes up holding his head and whining "She hit me with a frying pan." She was right behind him holding the frying pan with a smile on her face. It took a lot of biting my cheeks not to laugh.    Even though I had to correct her I really wanted to say to him, "When she has the frying pan just stay down!"  I think about it and see that little devilish smile and still giggle about it but I will be watching for when she can pick up my cast iron frying pan and I will heed my own advice and just stay down.