Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Must Annoy The Boy

I believe this to be the Girl's mission right now.  Every chance she gets she does something to annoy the Boy.  She must touch his stuff, take something and run or hit him with a frying pan.

They have a play area in the basement that has many toys for both of them.  The Girl has a a little kitchen and we also have some small metal cookware from IKEA I believe.   One of their favorite parts of the movie "Tangled" is when Flynn Rider gets clocked in the head with the frying pan, so a big "Thank You!" to Disney.  Yesterday she decided to emulate Rapunzel and clock the boy in the head with the metal frying pan.  He comes up holding his head and whining "She hit me with a frying pan." She was right behind him holding the frying pan with a smile on her face. It took a lot of biting my cheeks not to laugh.    Even though I had to correct her I really wanted to say to him, "When she has the frying pan just stay down!"  I think about it and see that little devilish smile and still giggle about it but I will be watching for when she can pick up my cast iron frying pan and I will heed my own advice and just stay down.

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