Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My AGW and I went to IKEA this weekend as the kids were with some grandparents.  We love IKEA and it seems whenever we leave the house without kids we always try to make enough time to go to IKEA.

We have a room (sun room) in our house that has always been tough to keep furniture in mostly because its purpose is ever changing.  We once had some rattan furniture we got from the previous owners, mostly because we didn't have any furniture to put int he room.  After a while we got tired of the old rattan leaf print crap and got some furniture from IKEA.  It started in the sun room and migrated to the Living Room when we got rid of an old sectional that had met its time.  We wanted to get something that could be a sleeper and ended up with a futon from IKEA.  It served its purpose to a degree but was not the right furniture and has been relegated tot he kids play area in the basement.  I am sure it will be great for sleepovers.  So after a garage sale and saved money from refunds of things we went to IKEA once again.

I thought the purpose of the trip was to get new furniture but I think initially I forgot to inform my AGW.  After finding a few other items she got into the buying mood and we found a couch and a chair.  It all fit in the van and home we went.

The great for the kids is that just about everything from IKEA comes in boxes.  The couch had a rather large box and the Boy nicely asked if they could have it for play.  I decided they could have it after I recycled the rest of the boxes and plastic.  Within five minutes I was ready to tear it up and recycle it as well.  They were both in timeout and I was eyeing the Cabernet on the counter but I decided they would get a second chance with all the initial box excitement.  They wanted to decorate it so it had to be moved into their basement play area.  I believe from now on we will just buy stuff my AGW and I want from IKEA and give them the boxes and stop buying toys for them.  There has been some various yelling, screaming and crying from them but they are having fun and my sun room is starting to look a little more like an adult room.

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