Monday, June 20, 2011

My Food!

The Girl is my little foodie.  She has been since she could start eating solids.  We go to a local market and the people always give her samples and she gobbles it up.  I think once she even asked to go to the market because she was hungry.

Recently she has eating more and more of my food.  I recently got some chicken wings with my favorite sauce to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  The next day I had some left over and was going to enjoy them for lunch when I hear "Want some?"  I didn't think she would like them but she ate two of the five wings I had left.

For Fathers Day I got a full rack of ribs knowing that it would last me two meals.  Today for lunch  I had plans to finish those ribs and again I hear that sweet little voice, "Want some?"  I give her a tast and of the 5 bones I have left she eat two of them.

I think my lunch time is going to have to start waiting until she is napping or I may have to hide while making and eating My Food!

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