Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a Week to Start Summer Break

Summer has unofficial started with the passing of Memorial Day and the end of the school year.  This past week has been quite interesting for all of us.  The Boy has completed Kindergarten and is now considered a First Grader, the Girl will be starting pre-school next school year and I will be the Physical Education Teacher at my kids' school.

First The Boy has completed Kindergarten.  It is very exciting.  The school had a promotion and awards ceremony for the school.  At the end of the promotion ceremony the Kindergarten class is promoted into the elementary school and 1st grade.  For the kindergarten students it was a long ceremony but they held it together pretty good and were very happy to become part of the elementary.

The Girl has been in the preschool extended day care since I took up coaching the school's track and field team. She liked this as she played with  other kids her age.  She already wants to go to school and will get to start next pre-school next year.

Finally, I got a job at the kids' school.  I will be the a part time Physical Education teacher.  I am very excited and it should be a great opportunity for me now that the kids are growing up.  I know many of the students already from coaching Cross Country and Track at the school so it will hopefully be an easy transition for me back into the working world.  I equate it to being like a professional athlete as I will be paid to play games, although without the professional athlete part.

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Congrats on the new job!