Monday, May 30, 2011

Pee-Pee Hot

With all the rain and the pool finally ready to get in on this fine Memorial Day.  We started off the day with a Parade, then a great lunch with ribs, corn on the cob, chips, guacamole, watermelon, wine, bomb pop cocktails, etc.  Then it was time to finally test out this new pool, 14' x 42" oasis of happiness.

After we finally get our suits on and all sunscreened up, we start to get in.  The Boy decides he wants to be first, but does not get beyond the first step of the ladder, so I tell him to get down and I proceed to go in the pool.  Thankfully it was very warm out as the water was very cold, but no stopping us now, just get in and enjoy.  After the initial minute it felt pretty good.  The Boy was next and was yelping but kept exclaiming, "Awesome!"  The Girl was next and she was not sure what to think. She loves the water but it was cold.  we kept trying different floats for her but she was too undecided.  Then my AGW sat her in a float with her legs over the side and the Girl was happy.  The pool was nice as there was plenty of room for all four us as with our previous 10' pool it got crowded quick.

After about an hour in the pool it was break time.  I needed a snack and the Girl had to use the potty.  We were all chattering our teeth from the cold water but it felt good.  The Girl goes to the potty with my AGW and I hear "Pee-pee Hot! Pee-pee Hot!"

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