Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Princess (Diva) is 3!

The Girl had her third birthday this weekend.  It was a crazy weekend with a lot going on.  I had to coach all day Saturday and then come home and paint her big girl room, so from 7:45 am to about 8:00ish pm I was on the go.  After I went out to get more paint it was time to start birthday present assembly.  My AGW found this play kitchen on line for $30 at Walmart.com, in the store it was $45 and they offered to ship it to the store for free.  Reading the reviews it said it takes 2-3 hours to assemble but I was ready and had my power screwdriver ready as well.  The funny part to me is they actually shipped it from across the country to the store when they had several in stock.  It didn't matter to me it saved $15.  I took the stuff out of the box and was thinking this was going to  be a nightmare to put together.

I go the instructions out and started to get to work.  I messed up the first step as I didn't follow along closely  but at least I twas the first step and not one in the middle where I would have to take the darn thing all apart.  Fixed my mistake and started rolling with it.  I was moving a steady pace trying to make sure I do it right, all in all it took 2 1/2 hours, so not too bad and it was pretty nice, especially for $30.  IT was 11:30 pm and I needed to "chillax" as my AGW said and stretch out my legs after sitting on the floor the whole time.  I finally get to bed at midnight or slightly after.  Get up at 7:00 am to eat  and get ready for painting, electrical work and putting together the big girl bed all before her nap time at noon.  At some point I felt like I was on the old show "Trading Spaces" and kept waiting for Paige Davis to tell me I have 5 minutes left.  Amazingly enough I got it all done and the paint was dry for her to take her nap which was  not a real nap as the Girl was too excited with her new big girl room.  Then it was time to eat lunch, shower and get ready for the party.

The Diva was not happy waking up from her nap and took a while to relax for her party.  Once she did it was on.  She opened presents as that helped her wake up and be social, then we ate and then she blew out her candle.  She did very well.  After all that and the grandparents departed it was back to work to get the valances up.  Not a tough job but it becomes more difficult when you are very tired.  Needless to say the girl is very happy to have a big girl room, had a great birthday and now is turning on the full Diva mode.

(Pictures will follow of the awesome cake my Mom made and the room as soon as it is done, a little later this week.)

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