Monday, November 28, 2011

The Writer

The Boy is very creative.  He loves his Legos, but his new thing has been writing.  In school they have written a couple of stories.  The first was a fall story that he wrote about racing squirrels in the gym, he even continued to write two more parts to it at home.  They have also recently written a turkey story.  This one is a turkey going to Turkeyton, it comes complete with illustrations.  He likes these stories he makes copies of them, not copier machine copies but he actually rewrites them in his notebook.  I have offered to scan and make copies for him but he insists on making his copies.  I will try to scan and post them later.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Does the Boy really know what I am shopping for at the super early hours of Black Friday? I believe he does sometimes as this week he has been super keen on telling me what toys he "needs". I still think he believes in Santa, but with all the ads on tv and the paper I think he knows something is up. Although he will stroll freak out if I say I am calling Santa and pick up the phone, granted I would too as I still believe. This year with even earlier openings I am starting to wonder if the stores are trying to see the threshold of health an sanity of parents. I didnt go out at midnight but I am holding to my traditional early morning craziness. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Graphs, Charts, and Venn Diagrams

In math at school the Boy is learning about graphs, charts and Venn diagrams.  What the heck is a Venn diagram?  I didn't know either until he should me.  It is basically two groups, one likes one thing and the other likes something else, but then there is a section where they overlap where people from either circle like both things.

He is really into all of the graphs, so much so that he made a graph out of Legos with how many people in our family like apples, bananas, pears and oranges.  He even made a the word fruit out of Legos for the top.  He has taken this into school and I can't wait to hear how this all turned out.

Meanwhile the Girl is being a girl and constantly changing here clothes.  She puts on clothes and takes them off all the time, sometimes she will wear 3 or 4 outfits in the same day.  When she picks something out the decision is made and there is no changing her mind.  At least I have now replaced her turtlenecks that are too small.  There is nothing like sending your kid to preschool in a belly shirt.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lego Man

For Halloween the Boy wanted to be a Lego Man and the girl was Tinkerbell.  It took a little effort, a Ballreich's chip box, a cement form tube, a peice of PVC, and some spray paint.  For one day he got to be a Lego Man:

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Desk

The Boy has been asking for a desk for his room since he started second grade.  He wants a place to do his homework.  We had a waited a little bit and then decided to get him a desk.

Granted getting the desk was difficult as we were planning to get something from IKEA and it was hard to get there.  My AGW and I like to go without the kids so we can actually shop and not be told how boring this is or that someone has to go to the potty for the fifth time in 10 minutes.

Finally this weekend we were able to go, although a took a bribe of red beans and rice for my parents.  This trip to IKEA was like no other.  I believe we purchased more items than we ever have.  Most of the time there is a large furniture purchase.  This time their wasn't as my AGW was in a shopping mood.  Not only did we pick out a nice red desk top for the Boy, we found and purchased many other things for our bedroom.  Now we just have to find the time to start working on our bedroom.

After we got home I started putting the desk together so it could be ready before we went to pick up the kids.  Taking a little longer than I had planned my AGW went to pick up the kids while I finished.  I got done in plenty of time and couldn't wait for them to get back.

The Boy was very excited about his new desk.  This morning on the way to school he said, "I wish school were only an hour so I could get home and do my homework at my desk."  He was very excited to get home and do his homework at his desk.  He finished quickly and then decided he was going to make copies of his Fall Story from school. He is one happy Boy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

1st Quarter Done

Well it has been an interesting few months with starting my new job as a teacher at my kids school.  It has been 99.9% great.  That 0.01% is making the Boy cry in class.  It was a cry because Daddy corrected him not his teacher.  He normally does a great job and even when corrected he is OK.  I try to treat him like any of the other kids and I think that is hard for him sometimes.

The kids in the school are great and I really enjoy being there, even on the rough days.  With being out of the house more often I do not have as much time to cook but have purchased a wonderful new appliance from Williams Sonoma, the Cuisinart Multi-Cooker.  This machine is great, it it browns/sautes/slow cooks/roasts and steams.  Plus when it is done it will keep food on warm for 8 hours automatically.  As I type this it is making a nice brisket for me right now, I browned it in the cooker and then switched it to slow cook, put in other ingredients, covered it and walked away.  This weekend will be Red Beans and Rice.

Back to school, the Boy is doing great with in school even after skipping 1st grade.  He still is a little immature but he would have been bored in the 1st grade.  Sometimes I think his brain is a sponge.  The Girl is doing well in preschool and can see her getting smarter by the second.  She loves school and is excited each morning when it is her days to go to school.

With the 1st quarter completed it seems that time is just rolling along.  I hope the 2nd quarter goes as well as the first.