Thursday, November 3, 2011

1st Quarter Done

Well it has been an interesting few months with starting my new job as a teacher at my kids school.  It has been 99.9% great.  That 0.01% is making the Boy cry in class.  It was a cry because Daddy corrected him not his teacher.  He normally does a great job and even when corrected he is OK.  I try to treat him like any of the other kids and I think that is hard for him sometimes.

The kids in the school are great and I really enjoy being there, even on the rough days.  With being out of the house more often I do not have as much time to cook but have purchased a wonderful new appliance from Williams Sonoma, the Cuisinart Multi-Cooker.  This machine is great, it it browns/sautes/slow cooks/roasts and steams.  Plus when it is done it will keep food on warm for 8 hours automatically.  As I type this it is making a nice brisket for me right now, I browned it in the cooker and then switched it to slow cook, put in other ingredients, covered it and walked away.  This weekend will be Red Beans and Rice.

Back to school, the Boy is doing great with in school even after skipping 1st grade.  He still is a little immature but he would have been bored in the 1st grade.  Sometimes I think his brain is a sponge.  The Girl is doing well in preschool and can see her getting smarter by the second.  She loves school and is excited each morning when it is her days to go to school.

With the 1st quarter completed it seems that time is just rolling along.  I hope the 2nd quarter goes as well as the first.

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