Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Other Kids Yard

We recently had new neighbors move in behind us.  This is awesome in many ways.  The loud barking dogs are gone, they actually clean up after their dog regularly (very quiet dog as well), and the new neighbors are very nice people.  The issue is the stuff in their yard.  My kids will run to the fence to stare and look at their stuff.

First off they have a bigger and nicer swing set.  This just makes me feel like a bad Dad.  No matter what, our swing set is useless to my children now since it doesn't have a rope ladder, flags, and a rock wall.  I almost forgot the tire swing underneath the platform where our whole family could sleep.

Second thing is they have a trampoline.  We are not fond of trampolines but it is there so we are stuck.  I really don't think we need one either as the kids pretty much bounce on everything anyways even if it is not meant for bouncing.

Fortunately they are very nice people and don't mind the kids coming over to play.  Although that creates another problem because they don't mind so I believe I will either get a pool ladder for the fence or install a gate.  Hopefully my kids will soon realize the grass isn't greener over there whent hey are playing and I jump in our pool.    

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