Friday, June 10, 2011

How To Guide To Upsetting Your Kids

Upsetting your kids can be done with two simple words: Garage Sale!

We are having a garage sale to try to empty our house somewhat from all the stuff the kids have outgrown.  The Boy is mostly OK with it unless we start going through his current toys.  The Girl though is having a little trouble letting go.  If anyone bought a toy even if she hasn't played with it in forever, she had to have it.  She got a little upset a few times but not outwardly throwing a tantrum.  The table with the toys became the "no touch" table. Basically I was vying for "Dad of the Year" or maybe in the Girl's terms "Meanie of the Year".

I can't believe the amount of stuff we had for this garage sale.  It still amazes me for how much was sold today at how much is left.  We have the incredibly growing children, the Boy at 6 1/2 is about 4' 2" to 4' 3" and the Girl is about 39" at 3 years old.  The Boy in some clothing is wearing sizes 8-10.  Granted he can't keep a pair of pants around his waist.  

So tomorrow I am sure I will cement my "Meanie of the Year" award when I start selling her old toys for cheap.  And I hope for the Boy's sake the crib finally sells as he asks me about every five minutes if it is sold yet, I think he has his eyes on some Legos and thinks that money is all all for the plastic.

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