Thursday, February 23, 2012

Navy Blue Uniform Pants

I have one item impossible to get these days - Navy Blue Uniform pants in a size 8.  I had purchased 6 pairs from Old Navy in August for $9 each, four of those six have holes in the knees now.  I believe this was a good investment as pants for 6+ months for school cost me a mere $54 dollars.

Now I am trying to get a few replacements but they are impossible to find, this week I have been to Target, JCPennys, Macy's, Dillards, Sears (Lands End as well but at $30 a pop, no way), Kohls, Old Navy, and various browsing on the web.  Apparently there is a shortage of Size 8 everywhere.

Sometimes I don't understand how/why stores have a million of sizes that no one needs but can't reorder more sizes of the ones that are always sold out.

The other place which I don't go unless I have to is Schoolbelles.  Nothing against them except their prices.  Their value brand is fine for me but there is no adjustable waist and when you have a 4' 4" seven year old who weighs in the neighborhood of 55 lbs. you need adjustable waist or a large amount of duct tape.  Their regular pants would be great but due to their 180 day guarantee they are about $26 dollars a pair.  So if bought 5 pairs it would coast me $130 where as my 6 pairs plus a few replacements are much less (granted if I can find them) and the fact that at this point I refuse to pay $26 for a pair of pants for a growing 7 year old when I have a hard time paying that for my own pants.

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