Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Whys and Whats

One thing that certainly makes life interesting with my son is the Whys and Whats. He likes to ask "Why?" and ask "What is...?" a lot. Today for example, he said "It's raining." I responded, "Yes it is raining." then it starts:

Son: Why is it raining?
Dad: Because the clouds are full of water.
Son: Why are the clouds full of water?
Dad: Because water evorpates from lakes rivers and streams and goes up to the clouds. (I know more info than necessary for a 3 year old)
Son: Why water evaporates?
Dad: (trying to simplify) The sun warms the water and causes it to evaporate.
Son: But it is not sunny?
Dad: Well the sun was somewhere else and evaporated the water there.
Son: Is it behind that building?
Dad: Yes!
Son: Why?
Dad: Because it is cold and raining here and it wants to stay warm. (Ha Ha! I got him now)
Son: Why is it raining?
Dad: (thinking, "why did you have to say the word raining.") Because the clouds are full of water.

I think you get the idea. This can continue on for some time. the fun part is trying to explain things so he will understand, but sometimes explaining the rain requires a more technical explaination which may cause him ridicule later in life when his teacher asks him, "Why does it rain?"

FYI - A medicine was added to the medicine chart.

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