Sunday, February 10, 2008

Projects at Home

The title is slightly misleading, this is about projects going on in our house and what my son thinks of them. We are currently working on a bathroom remodel although my son's version is that the bathroom is broken. The tub is in a box in our house and my son keeps asking, "Can we use the new bath now?" I have to explain to him that it isn't done yet. So in the process of getting some estimates it is important to him to point out that the bathroom is broken. Then usally after the people that have been by to give estimates leave he sometimes asks, "Is it done yet?" If only the world really worked that fast sometimes. Just this weekend my dad and I ran some wiring up to the bathroom which my son was well aware of, and when my dad left my son assumed the bathroom was done and said, "Let's go see it." It took a lot of convincing that the bathroom wasn't done yet even though we had been working on stuff all weekend.

When not working on it, we play some board games. My son is now an expert Candy Land champion, i am just waiting for him to say "I'll play you in Candy Land for a dollar." He also enjoys his other games Chutes & Ladders and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. The funniest part is they always have to be played in that order. Today he even set up Candy Land almost completly for us all to play. I think he has derived such love of that game as I used to like it when I was little and was a great player, although my parents will claim I stacked the deck and cheated my way to many victories but that is just jealousy of a great Candy Land Champion.

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