Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Love of School

My son is having a hard time this week with the notion of Spring Break. Not so much because he doesn't get to go to some beach place and party it up, more so that he can't go to school. He asks why he doesn't get to go to school but to him there is no reasonable explanation. We have told him the school is closed, taking a break, there are no teachers there, etc. He just gets upset with us. I mean who else wouldn't want to go to a play where you can play with kids your own age, do messy art where someone else cleans up, have snack time, hear stories and play with all sorts of fun stuff including computers? Sometimes I have thought about enrolling myself, I meet the potty requirements and it seems like a lot fun. I sure hope this isn't a preview of the summer when there is no school and a new baby around the house. I have a feeling the craziness has just begun.

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