Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tiger Woods

My wife and the Boy were watching TV, it may have been golf or a sports update on a channel but they were showing Tiger Woods and the conversation went something like this (or so I am told):

Boy: "Who is that?"
Mom: "Tiger Woods"
Boy: Tiger?
Mom: Yes, his name is Tiger like your name is Boy.
Boy: Is he golfing?
Mom: Yes.
Boy: He is getting a lot of goals!
Mom: No in golf you try to get the ball in the holes.
Boy: Oh, he is good at getting it in the holes.
Mom: Yes he is very good at getting it in the holes.
Boy: Not like Daddy who isn't good at getting in the holes and gets mad and throws his ticket on the ground.

Then the laughter ensued. So apparently Tiger Woods is a little better at golf than me. The story behind the ticket on the ground is from a golf outing I was at recently and they had raffle prizes. I bought some raffle tickets, one must have fallen out of my pocket when I got home and was in the garage as he saw it there a few days later. He asked what the ticket was for and I told him it was from a raffle at the golf outing outing that I didn't win. I guess he imagined the rest as :::sarcasm::: I don't get made playing golf :::end sarcasm:::.

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