Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What a Start to the Week!!!

The Boy will turn five later this week, but to start off the week he is fighting a very small fever and very slight cough. Sure makes preparations for his birthday and his party a bit difficult. So now the house is divided in two, an area for The Girl and an area for the Boy in hopes of not getting everyone else ill. So far it is working out and the kids are keeping their distance from each other. It is hard for me because there is stuff I was going to do over each day while he was at school which has two days now gone from that and the week keeps getting shorter. So hopefully he gets better and can get back at it soon because it would be a big bummer to be sick on his birthday. For the most part he has done a real good job for an almost 5 year old of taking it easy and not overdoing it, although today he is starting to get antsy so hopefully he is getting better.

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