Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What goes on in those little heads?

This is a question my wife and I ask ourselves almost daily. It is a great mystery but at the same time I think we can tell through their eyes. There are some days like today where it seems everyone is trying to fight off a cold and they act in concert with each other to see if I will spontaneously combust, and I think I came real close today. There were a few times where one child or the other would be doing something they know they shouldn't and look at me with that wry smile or evil grin as I correct them I can see that twinkle in their eye that says, "Wow he is almost there, just another little push and he will explode!" I think they believe it will either be confetti and streamers or candy when I finally pop, I just know now that they are both in bed I will be indulging in a tall glass of milk and way too many Oreos to reset my combustion level so they can try again another day.

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