Friday, April 23, 2010


Well today was Hamburger, Bun and French Fry Day, AKA McDonalds or Wendys, and as I was giving my kids there lunch and put some fries on the Girl's tray she exclaimed, "AWESOME!" This made me smile and giggle a little bit. Great word and appropriate use, needless to say I was very proud.

The Girl is becoming quite the shopper too, as she stays with me and holds hands most of the time as she wants to stay away from strollers and carts these days. The fun part is she always says "Hi" to cashiers and other workers and seems to get perturbed when they don't acknowledge her with a "Hi." In addition, she always like the credit card things at the registers, I just wish she had her own money so she could pay for some of this stuff. I realized something lately, my kids may never know cash or checks. Granted they do seem them, but with the advent of checkcards (and who knows what by the time they are older) they rarely see people pay with cash or checks. The Boy who is five does know what cash is but still he sometimes just says swipe your card and pay. We have had lengthy discussions about the card and that we need to have money in our account in order to use it, which is a little lost on him. If there were such a magical card that you could just swipe and never worry about, that would be awesome.

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