Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eating and eating

I usually have a problem getting the boy to eat, but today he was eating and eating. As my wife says "School agrees with him." He even stated "I am eating all the food, but we have more." I guess he is growing again which means he is on his way to the seven foot mark. School has started well for him and five days a week is sure nice for me as well. Our little girl is growing and growing and we will have her 4 month information soon to see where she is at. Although today she tried to finish me off by not sleeping, crying at any moment I moved more than a foot away and pooping whenever I decided to try to make the cookie dough truffles. For any of you that read this don't be alarmed she didn't help with the truffles she just merely watched and whined. I guess it is hard to keep chocolate away from any girls.

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