Friday, April 15, 2011


The Girl has attained full "Diva" status.  In the mornings she now refuses to eat in the morning, go to the potty, and even change clothes.  This is something that just started this week.  I will ask her if she wants her breakfast and she just buries her head in the pillow on the couch and writhes around, which usually means she has to go potty.  Problem is you then mention potty and she just gets mad, I mean crayon throwing mad.  After a bit she will usually settle down and start eating but then it is time to take my son to school and I lately I have had to go into the school so I try to get her dressed.  The important word is "try."  She will fight me, run away, kick me, scream loud enough to break glass.  Then the rest of the morning she demands her chips, fish crackers, juice, etc.  I thought it would be better after a good nap this afternoon but as I was putting the pencil sharpener away she decided to throw crayons as apparently that was hers even though she has never ever used it.  To top it off for some reason she feels it necessary to take her PJs and pull up off and then scream.  If that is not Diva status I don't know what is.

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