Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I believe The Girl is a Jedi

With the kids being diagnosed with strep again last week the doctor prescribed Augmentin (sp?).  This is a pretty strong antibiotic, but the worse part is that it comes in form of a chewable tablet that apparently tastes awful.  The Boy has been doing a good job with it despite that fact, but the Girl on the other hand has learned powers that I believe only a Jedi possesses.  She started out ok and we could get her to take it, then she started to refuse and we could still manage it.  Now it is a flat out wrestling match where I have seen this almost 3 year old be able to bend, twist, kick, scream, hit and levitate in ways I have seen no other child do.  (Yes I said levitate.)  I have gone to mashing it up and putting in food but I think she is on to that, the problem is then I have to have her finish the messy yogurt or what not as the medicine is in it.  I believe the way she is fighting this is true Jedi powers.  So I think after this is done (4 more days - 8 doses) I am going to enroll her in Jedi school to make sure she doesn't go to the dark side.

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