Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Need Sleep - The Turkey Vultures are Circling

The Girl is driving us nuts.  She can't (or she refuses) to stay asleep at night.  It is crying, screaming and at one point completely undressing.  We have threatened to take her Bitty Baby away if she keeps waking up, last night I had had it so I did just that.  Wailing ensued.  My AGW went in there after a bit and told her she needed to go to sleep if she wanted Bitty Baby back, she calmed and slept until morning.  Although then in the quiet of the early morning, the Boy gets up because he is hot - he was fine but I believe he does it so we never sleep.  Then he gets up again and goes to the bathroom for what seemed like an eternity. After he went back to bed the alarm clock started.  I see this as a bad sign, I was taking the Boy to school and strutting down the street right in front of our house was two turkey vultures.  So I guess if I am not dead yet I must be close as they looked hungry.

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