Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Kid Stuff

It is Monday. Monday mornings are the worst as we have to get back to the routine of getting up, having breakfast, getting ready for school, etc. The routine works well it is just hard on a Monday morning. It doesn't help that the Girl has been waking up randomly screaming and crying, I realize it is for attention but it is very hard to lay there and listen to this determined little one that I believe would stay up screaming all night. You know it is affecting you when other parents at school start asking if you are OK, granted I know the answer to that as I have two crazy kids.

First since it is officially Spring, the Boy refused to wear a long sleeved shirt to school, no problem there just wish he would ask instead of whine. We get to school and I realize that we forgot to do his letterbook this weekend, not a big deal he will do today without much fuss. Then as we are walking out, a Mom and her two kids are walking in - I know them but I can't remember their names or anything else about them when the little girl says "Hi!" to the Girl and of course the Girl answers with a "Hi." How is it that the Girl who started to go to extended day at school this past week while I coach the track team already have followers, maybe she is on the Twitter or something.

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