Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey, Where's Perry?

In case you missed it March 5th was National Platypus Day. I know you are all upset that you missed this awesome holiday. You may be even asking, "What the heck is National Platypus Day?" Well, it was developed by Phineas and Ferb, as they they have a pet Platypus named Perry. So there you go.

We had quite the celebration at our house. There was a stuffed Perry the Platypus, Perry sunglasses, Perry comic book, and a 104 Days of Summer game. In addition to all that we celebrated with a Perry the Platypus cake:
I think in the kids minds this holiday is a close second to Christmas.

On the potty training side of things for the Girl, we are in day three and the most recent event she has held her pee-pee in for 17+ hours in between going potty. She went once in the toilet and the next time she really needed to go and we kept trying and she started on the floor but then got 90% of it in the potty. It is amazing how wet things get with only 10% of the pee-pee. Well hopefully she gets it soon as she really hates being wet and I can't imagine having 1 cup of juice, sleeping all night and waking up dry, having approx. 2 more cups and trying to hold it in. So soon I will be diaper and pull-up free, how shall we celebrate?

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