Friday, March 11, 2011


My kids have been diagnosed with strep for the third time in a month, and the slight fever for the Boy just won't go away. So for the past three days it has been getting worse and worse while I try to maintain some sort of sanity with both of them in the house and if you have been keeping up we are potty training the Girl at the same time. We are on the third antibiotic, much stronger than the other two so hopefully this will be the knockout blow for the strep. I have since the first 24 hours on the new antibiotic replaced every cup, sippy cup, tooth brush and toothpaste that they use in an effort to get rid of this. Momentarily I will be wiping down there favorite windows to push there faces against, the door handles, and anything else that deems to be hand or mouth worthy. You can only watch Tinkerbell so many times without losing your mind. I believe the Boy has it memorized and the Girl is right with him. Hopefully they will soon both be back to normal health and I can take a mental health day. They are actually doing quite well with being locked in the house for so much lately with being ill, but they are getting very stir crazy. I am surprised that I have come back when out running errands when my AGW gets home and the kids are in bed, as my AGW says "I could just get on the road and keep driving." Thankfully she comes home after a busy stressful day at work so I see it only as fair to return as well. Although if they doesn't get resolved soon I think I am getting a giant bubble so the kids and I can at least roll around somewhere else in confinement as opposed to our house.

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