Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Unsolicited "I Love You!"

In the morning for school we have a pretty solid routine. The Boy gets up, has juice and breakfast, goes upstairs and brushes his teeth, gets changed and we are about ready to go. Then we drop off in the car pool lane, I usually say the same stuff everyday, "Have a good day. Be nice to your friends, listen to your teachers and try to get a green card." Most times I say "I Love You!" as he bounds out of the van, but sometimes I don't to see if he he will say it. This morning I did just that, he bounded out of the van and about 20 feet away he stopped, turned around and with a big smile shouted "I Love You!" and of course the Girl and I shouted back. It was a great moment.

Then as the Girl and I were running some errands I hear from the back, "Daddy!" Me: "Yes Girl?" Girl: "I Love You!"

So all in all it has been a pretty good morning, well except that my streak of free coffee from Tim Horton's "Roll Up the Rim To Win" promotion ended at two in a row.

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