Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Potty Training Will Begin

Hopefully with any luck at all the Girl will be potty trained after this weekend. I hate changing diapers/pull-ups and I think about the money that will be saved from not having to purchase them anymore either. For example, if I buy the 52 pack of pull-ups for $17.99 and she goes through 5 or 6 a day that is 10 days, in one month on pull-ups alone I spend $53.96 plus tax. What I could do with $54 a month. I am sure it will be spent on something sensible like Peanut Butter M&Ms or the 10 for $10 Hostess table at the store or pay for a data plan for both my AGW's and my cell phone. I am also excited and praying this works as I am so tired after 6 years and 5 months of changing diapers/pullups. Plus that smelly diaper pail needs to go. So wish her luck, me patience and the Boy some new legos to keep him busy as the potty training will begin.

I may offer my AGW something nice again as the Boy was a PITA to potty train and when she had an idea I told her if it worked I would buy her something nice. It worked and I bought her something nice. Maybe I need to do that again.

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3 Peeps Designs said...

Good luck! I remember those days of diapers and pull-ups and don't miss them most of the time. My daughter made potty training easy but she did develop a habit of having to use the bathroom everywhere we went! It didn't matter if she just went potty 10 minutes ago at Walmart. New location = new bathroom to check out.