Friday, February 25, 2011

Paw Print Cookies

What a day, much less a week or so. The kids are home and it has been a rough start to the day. The Boy started by getting mad and throwing his body around because I wouldn't let him changed clothes in front of the TV. I know I am mean but just wanted him to move some so he wasn't blocking it and in the process of throwing his body around he went into the wall and knocked a picture down. The Girl decided that she wanted to be right in his face most of the morning and he didn't want her there. Then she decided that the cat needed to get swatted with the princess purse. So at this point timeout count is 1 to 1. We get through lunch, and it is her nap time. Well easier said than done she is deciding she wants to cry out instead of nap. Meanwhile the Boy and I are trying to make some chocolate chocolate chip cookies. He is being very good and helpful at this point, but the cat decides he wants help, so up on the counter he comes and steps right into my bowl of flour, salt and baking soda. UGH! So I wrangled the cat and clean his paws so he doesn't get flour all over the house and dump the flour and start that over. The Girl then starts calling for Mommy. I go up and find out she wants a change, do that and tell her to nap. At this point she is still not napping but at least she is quiet. I am just trying to make cookies, you would think the kids would want that to happen as quickly as possible.

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