Monday, February 7, 2011

The Door

I don't understand something about one particular door in my house, the door from the house to the garage. No matter what is happening, even if the kids fight tooth and nail to have to go somewhere they both must either hang on the door knob or be the first one out of the door. The Girl, almost 3 years old, I can understand a slight bit as she is into doors as most kids are that age. The Boy, 6 years old, I don't understand his obsession beyond the fact that everything is a race or contest. I mean it is a door does it really matter who goes out the door first? Is there a prize that I am not aware of on the other side left by the garage fairy? Every morning I can guarantee one of them will be trying to pull the handle straight off. Maybe I will get a keypad that is about 6 feet up the wall that they can't reach or install a Star Trek type door that only works with adult voices.

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