Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chapter Books and Timeouts

The Boy who is in Kindergarten is becoming quite the reader. He is part of an accelerated reading program at school and now he has been introduced to a whole new line of books, The Magic Tree House. He has read the first two, the first I helped him get started but it didn't take long for him to get into it. The second one he read two chapters Monday, three chapters on Tuesday and he read the rest of the book (5 chapters) yesterday. I was shocked, he fought having to read yesterday but once he started he couldn't stop. I am interested to see how he does on this quiz (they take quizzes on the books at school, this one being longer at 10 questions) as this book is rated 2.9 (9th month of second grade). His reading is great along with his vocabulary but this also brings issues as he can read just about anything like the guide on the TV, we had to make sure the things that are inappropriate for him say Adult programming as opposed to the names of the shows. Also we can't spell things when we want him not to know what we are talking about as he is good at that too. We have tried initials of things like CM for Chocolate Milk but he cracked that code in about 0.8 seconds. We have to go back to our high school French class although he will probably beat us at that as well.

The Girl is learning through timeouts. This morning she has put her Bitty Baby in timeout for not listening (a common theme in our house) and I almost spit out my Diet Pepsi when she came and told me this. I felt bad for the Bitty Baby as she is just a baby and doesn't understand. This was followed up with the Girl singing a song from Beauty and the Beast to the Bitty Baby so I guess it is all good.

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