Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Weekend

I know weekends don't start on Thursday, unless you are a college kid, but what a weekend. Thursday morning the Girl wakes up with this horrific sounding cough, I have never heard my children make such noises. I decide she is going to the doctor as we have had this travelling cold in our house but this seemed different, I thought the croup. The doctor didn't have any morning appointments which was a blessing in disguise so I had to take her after I picked the Boy up from school sho was doing quite well. Turns out she didn't have the croup she had strep. So the doctor says should we test the Boy? Might as well, at least it is one copay. Sure enough he tests positive. So I call my doctor to get a strep test as I hang out with these kids all day everyday and fortunately I was negative. We get their prescriptions and head home. The fun had only just begun, the Girl was up on and off coughing and woke up with a nice little fever meanwhile the Boy was doing fine. After a long day int he house on Friday, it happened the poor little thing was coughing and coughing so I went to soothe her and when I picked her up she puked on me. I believe the whole time she was saying "Sorry Daddy" but it was really hard to tell. At least it wasn't in bed as I just washed her sheets and put clean ones on. The fever spiked in the middle of the night so my AGW gave her a bath to help soothe her which helped. Then it was a night of rocking and going back to bed (at least 3 times I remember) as she was coughing all night and having a hard time sleeping. She wakes up Saturday with a 103 fever. Saturday is more of the same as Friday as she has her fever and cough and the Boy is doing quite well. Saturday night she almost threw up again but toughed it out and swallowed it back down. Sunday morning still a fever in the 102-103 range. The fever has since settled now to the 99s and the Boy is at Grandmas house getting a little relief from the house. I see a bottle of wine in my and my AGW's near future.

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