Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting Plain Ridiculous

Well after all my family has been through it finally got me.  I have had a little cold all week but today I woke up and felt like I was underwater.  I called the doctor and got in right away and got me some antibiotics as it appears I may be developing an ear infection as my right ear is hurting today.  I really can't wait for April to be over and hopefully some warm weather to move in as this is getting really old.

The kids are doing alright and the Boy is literally bouncing off the walls as he has been fine beyond the little test.  I probably won't hear on his test sent to the lab but the office is closed.  Hopefully it is for nothing and it is a false positive on him and we can start moving on.  Otherwise I think we need to take a nice vacation to the Bahamas or something and let the sun bake it out of us and a few drinks with umbrellas and fruit won't hurt either.

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