Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Strep Again?! Really?!

Well we had a recheck for strep as we have been dancing with it for about two and a half months or so now.  The Girl was negative but the Boy was positive, they are sending in a swab for a throat culture to be sure it is not a false positive (Hoping it is).  Talk about frustrating.  This time there was no symptoms what so ever, it was just a re-check.  UGH!

I really feel for him as he has struggled with this for a while.  He said, "I am never going to get better!"  Hopefully this time it will be gone for good.  Very frustrating all around.

Timing couldn't be better as I have started on an insulin pump leaving the needles behind this week and I have a slight cold.  I really can't wait for April to be over.  My AGW has been sick, the kids and now me and the Boy again.  Well, hopefully April Showers bring good health in May.

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