Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days! I used to love them, now I hate them.

Snow days used to be a wonderful thing, now the Boy is in school and I don't like them anymore. He gets crazier each and every one. I like having my time with my 8 month old while he is in school because we can try to get a few things done, but a snow day I feel like my main goal is to maintain some sense of sanity. It wouldn't be so bad if we could all go out and play in the snow but the Girl is not quite ready for that yet. I would buy a snowmobile with a car seat attachment if it meant I could take him to school, of course he would like that too much. Well the day is half done and I can still see straight so hopefully the kids will be easy on me this afternoon. So as far as I am concerned snow days are overrated and should be banned!

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