Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Cabinet and the Inauguration

The title sounds awfully political but as you read you find it is not all that much. First let me start with the cabinet, the entertainment cabinet. We have this entertainment cabinet in our living room that is a kid magnet, now with our second child they both must hang on, run into, kick, hit, play with the doors, etc. It is very puzzling to me what is so fascinating about this one piece of furniture. Nothing else in the room is bothered quite this much. Someday I will exact my revenge on this cabinet for causing so much concern.

Now on to the Inauguration. I had my the Boy and the Girl watch this historic moment. Well the Girl ate and slept through it so not much excitement there. The Boy on the other hand watched it intently as he knew something important was happening but really doesn't understand all what was going on. He knew it was about the President and that the new President was Barack Obama but he didn't know more than that. I told him someday he will understand the importance of this day but probably not for a while, he simply said "OK!" The one thing he did say that surprised me was, "I wish we could go to this." So in the back of my mind I planted the idea of someday going ot the Inauguration and I can tell him it was all his idea.

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