Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

2009 started off with a bang and we have been very busy. The Girl is getting around a lot these days and she gets a little quicker every day. We had to put a gate back up which s frustrating to the Boy who is all of four and wants to be able to go where he wants when he wants. As I mentioned we are remodeling(updating) our kitchen which is moving along. I think we have settled on a few things, the cabinets are being painted, we are getting some sort of stone counter top (most decided on Silestone but just want to be sure), ordered all the new knobs and hinges, currently deciding on a backsplash and flooring. I am very excited for this project and can't wait cook in the updated kitchen. In addition, the Boy has started back at school so we are working on getting back into our daily routine which is rough with some fo kitchen disarray.

Some news, the Girl has her first tooth coming in. My wife discovered it. We knew she was teething as she just went through her second teething ring by biting a hole in it, this time it was probably the tooth. She seems very happy about it and is all the much closer to feeding herself.

The Boy and I went sledding today and he actually went down the hill by himself a couple of times, once was even face first. I thought it was awesome as sometimes he wants someone with him for reassurance. Then I wasn't really happy about it as I had to go down the hill to get the sled, I know he is four but if you ride it down, you carry it back up. All in all it was an exciting day today.

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