Friday, January 9, 2009

The White Tag

The girl has this obsession with white tags. The white tags that come on every stuffed animal or most pieces of sitting furniture or any soft toy. She sees them and goes right after them with a purpose. That purpose would of course be chewing on it. It is funny because anytime she spots one she is on the move and sometimes I think she knows they are there but can't see them. The other day she crawled under the dining room table chairs and rolled onto to her back and reached up and was trying to yank the tags right off the chairs. We remove as many of them as we can but then hindsight came in, she enjoys them so why not let her have them. At least she stays occupied while we try to finish eating dinner or something. (Public Service Announcement: these tags are all attached to items, if the are looses they are removed.) I can't wait for her Christmas list next year, "Big large White Tags PLEASE!"

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